An Innovative New Snack Bar
Maintain Energy From Dawn to Dusk!

Ramadan Energy Bar is a unique blend of simple and complex carbohydrates designed specifically to maintain blood sugar for up to 9 hours, giving you energy all day. Its the ideal nutritional supplement for fasting.  Our Ramadan Energy Bar is all natural, low in fat and is made with a rich, decadent chocolate flavour that not only tastes incredible but is conveniently available in easy, ready-to-go packs.  This is the first ever protein snack bar designed specifically for individuals fasting during Ramadan.



Supplement to Food


For the family/group

Last 9 hours

Control blood sugar


“These bars are great for providing me energy during Ramadan! I don’t know what I’d do without my Ramadan bar!”

Mike Rashid

“My husband uses the bars everyday in Ramadan and has found them to be enormously useful. They make a quick but satiating suhur that one can grab without cooking, and he has said that they do help him with his hunger more than anything else he has tried! We bought more to give to our parents for them to try out. He also uses them for iftar when he has to stay at work late. We love the product!”


Excellent as a fundraiser for mosques, schools and organizations.

Please contact us at for special fundraiser pricing and opportunities!

With the Holy Month just around the corner, Ramadan Energy Bar is the perfect fundraising product for schools, organizations, and masjids in the U.S. With our special fundraising discount, one can purchase Ramadan Energy Bars at wholesale prices for their own fundraising purposes and suhoor programs. Ramadan Energy Bar, “Raising the Bar for Good”